It shouldn't be difficult to do business, nor should it be difficult to get payed for you products and services.

We can give unprecedented data and insights and our APIs are easy to set up and use, connect with us to learn more about what we can do together!

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You're already accepting Sossip if you're accepting cards, so we're already collecting data on your business. Connect with us to learn more and see how you can use that data to evolve your business!


Let Sossip be the neobank add-on to your existing offers!
Sossip offers many services that enhance any banks offerings to its customers. Connect with us to know what we can offer and who we are working with.

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Sossip offers through our APIs a very simple way to offer your products and services with our payment solution directly to your customers through your existing channels. Get in touch to see how easy it is to get started!

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Want to launch a new product?
Use Sossip and get complete overview of costs, usage and geo- and demographic data. No more relying on incomplete data for important business decisions.
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